Maine Families

Women’s Health Services

Arnold Memorial Medical Center—OB/Gyn: 497-5614
70 Snare Creek, Jonesport

Calais Regional Medical Services—OB/Gyn: 454-3307
37 Palmer Street, Calais

Dr. John Gaddis—OB/Gyn Svcs: 255-3338
Factory Road, East Machias

Family Planning of Maine – OB/Gyn Svcs: Calais 852-8930 | Machias 402-3230
43 Union Street, Calais | 247 Main Street, Machias

Harrington Family Health Center—OB/Gyn Svcs: 483-4502
50 E. Main Street, Harrington

Milbridge Medical Center—OB/Gyn Svcs: 546-2391
24 School Street, Milbridge

Rowland French Medical Center—OB/Gyn Svcs: 853-6001
30 Boynton Street, Eastport

Whiting Bay Family Medicine/Dr. Julia Arnold—OB/Gyn Svcs:733-2900
125 US Route 1, Whiting

Women’s Health Center (at DECH)—OB/Gyn Svcs: 255-0400
On the Down East Community Hospital campus, 11 Hospital Drive, Machias

Women’s Health Resource Library: 546-7677
Programs and activities—yoga classes, bone care exercise, diabetes  support group and more
School Street, Milbridge