Maine Families

Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous – AA: 1-800-737-6237
Call for date, time and location information or click here to search a location (Calais – Eastport area is District 11, Machias – Columbia is District 25)

Al-anon & Alateen: 1-800-498-1844
For friends and family of alcohol users; call for meeting info

Circle of Hope Support Group: 255-3530
Support group for friends and family of opiate users
Machias | Wednesdays 6p-7p

First Light Substance Awareness (Facebook group):
Facebook page aims to educate, support and provide programs and resources to Lubec area youth and their families

Narcotics Anonymous – NA: 1-800-974-0062
Call for date, time and location information (Currently no meetings are scheduled in our area)

Recovery Acupuncture: 255-4995
Machias | Saturdays 12:30-2:30p

Tobacco Helpline (Maine): 1- 800-207-1230
The helpline offers a no pressure approach.  Whether you are ready to quit or just thinking about quitting they will offer different levels of information, support, or counseling.
Click here to view “What Happens When You Call”, a 9-minute video that depicts a typical call to the Maine Tobacco HelpLine.
MaineCare covers nicotine replacement meds but if you do not have MaineCare the Helpline can cover the cost of either nicotine patches, gum or lozenges for up to 8 weeks if you enroll in their “multiple call option” plan.  Individuals can also re-enroll in this program every 6 months if needed.

Health Equity Alliance (formerly Down East AIDS Network): 255-5849
HIV Testing, Support & resources for living with HIV/AIDS

Maine Families Breastfeeding Support Facebook page: Forum to ask questions of Certified Lactation Counselors and share information with other breastfeeding moms

For caregivers of family members or friends, and for hospice workers:
Machias | 1st Friday of the month 2:00p (at Machias Veteran’s Home)

Downeast Hospice Cancer Support: 726-5087 / 664-0339
Eastport | Every 3rd Thursday 1p—2:30p (at Eastport Medical Center)
Harrington | Every 4th Thursday 1p—2:30p (at Harrington Health Center)
Lubec | Every 1st Friday 1p—2:30p (at Lubec Medical Center)
Machias | Every 2nd Friday 1p—2:30p (at St. Aidan’s Church)

Next Step DV Women’s Support Groups: 1-800-315-5579
Machias | Wednesdays 5p—7:30p (call for location information)
Calais | Tuesdays 5p—6p  (call for location information)

Downeast Sexual Assault Services: 1-800-871-7741 (24/7)
24 Hour Support Line. DE Sexual Assault Services offers support group services to assist victims and significant others of sexual assault. Support group services are confidential
(call for dates & location information)

The Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MeCASA): 1-800-871-7741
Statewide Sexual Assault Support Line: 24-Hour phone support, toll-free from anywhere in Maine.

Foster/Adoptive Parenting: 1-800-833-9786
Foster, grandparents, relatives… raising children; Childcare is provided
Machias | 1st Friday of month 5:30p—7p

“Lean On Me” support group for parents of children with Special Needs
Milbridge | 1st Tuesday of month 6:30pm (at the Women’s Health Resource Library)

Parents of Sexually Abused Children: 1-866-871-7741
24 hour hotline for support services

Combat Veteran’s Support Group: 255-6535
Machias | Mondays 9—10:30a

Maine Military & Community Network: 561-4058
Support group & resources for veterans & military families
Machias | 4th Thursday 1:30p—3:00p (at Machias Career Center, Prescott Drive)