Maine Families

Resources for Substance Users and their Families

AA—Alcoholics Anonymous: 1-800-737-6237
Info on day, time & location of local meetings

Alanon: 1-800-498-1844
Info on day, time & location of local meetings

AMHC: Calais 454-0775 | Machias 255-0996
Outpatient services for substance treatment in Calais & Machias.
AMHC also offers a case management program for pregnant and parenting women using substances called Maine Mothers Network.  This program offers moms using substances the supports and resources they need to help them build a substance free future for their children

Arnold Memorial Medical Center: 497-5614
Drug replacement therapy for prenatal mothers

Calais Behavioral Health Center: 454-3022
Substance counseling for individuals & families

Circle of Hope Support Group: 255-3530
Support group for relatives & loved ones affected by opiate addiction
Wednesdays 6-7p in Dr. Sammis’ waiting room (53 Fremont Street, Machias)

Discovery House (Calais): 454-1300
Methadone clinic; Family, couples & group counseling; Short & long-term detox

Machias Behavioral Health Center: 255-3400
Substance counseling for individuals & families

NA—Narcotics Anonymous: 1-800-974-0062
Info on day, time & location of local meetings

Pleasant Point Health Center: 853-0644 x264
Substance counseling, DEEP Program, Mind Body Therapy, Neurofeedback, Acudetox

Reflections: Calais 454-1491 / Machias 255-0001
Group therapy & family counseling

Regional Medical Center | Lubec: 733-1090
Drug replacement therapy; Substance treatment and Counseling

Regional Medical Center | Machias: 255-0102
Mental Health and Substance counseling

Tobacco Helpline (Maine): 1- 800-207-1230
The helpline offers a no pressure approach.  Whether you are ready to quit or just thinking about quitting they will offer different levels of information, support, or counseling.
Click here to view “What Happens When You Call”, a 9-minute video that depicts a typical call to the Maine Tobacco HelpLine.
MaineCare covers nicotine replacement meds but if you do not have MaineCare the Helpline can cover the cost of either nicotine patches, gum or lozenges for up to 8 weeks if you enroll in their “multiple call option” plan.  Individuals can also re-enroll in this program every 6 months if needed.

Vogl Behavioral Health Center: 853-6001
Substance counseling for individuals and families

Women’s Health Center (at Downeast Community Hospital): 255-0400
Drug replacement therapy for prenatal mothers

Other Links & Resources:

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse:
Helpful information, links, statistics and articles on addiction and substance use

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