Maine Families

Domestic Violence Services

Domestic Violence Hotline (24 Hr.—Statewide): 1-866-834-4357

Domestic Violence Hotline for Spanish Speakers: 553-2252

INTERNITY: 619-1413
A non-profit group connecting veterans who are survivors of sexual assault or other trauma with PTSD resources.  Programs offered:

  • Operation 22: a program designed to fill the gap between hotline assistance and the medical / psychological help that the veterans may or may not have access to.
  • Pets 4 Vets: a program through INTERNITY which will match rescue dogs with veterans
  • SASA: Sexual Assault Survivor Advocates.  Advocates are recruited and trained to work with survivors as they experience difficulties and barriers in their communities.   They work side by side with veterans as they match resources to needs, and help veterans gain their voices again
  • SAFR: Sexual Assault First Responders. Many times, survivors wait years to get help. Our board and team at INTERNITY know the proper processes and connections to get help – even if it is years after the assault.

Next Step 24 hour DV Hotline: 1-800-315-5579

Next Step Domestic Violence Project and Shelter Services: 1-888-604-8692
Shelter/transitional housing; Legal assistance and advocacy; Support groups.  Next Step now has a staff member that is a dedicated Child Protective liaison.  She provides support to mom’s in the shelter when they are working with DHHS child protective workers.

Passamaquoddy Peaceful Relations 24 Support Hotline: 1-877-853-2613

Passamaquoddy Peaceful Relations: 853-2600
A tribal domestic & sexual violence response program. Help dealing with domestic abuse; Crisis response & shelter; Legal assistance & advocacy

Sexual Assault Crisis & Support (24 Hrs.): 1-800-871-7741

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