Maine Families

Special Needs

Providers Serving Washington County:

Addison Point Agency: 483-6500
Support for children with autism; programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Bridging Program (Washington County Nurse Bridging): 664-2424
Support for prenatal moms who have a high-risk pregnancy, or moms with newborns that have medical complications. Program provides a nurse home visitor to work with families to help address their immediate needs and identify & facilitate on-going supports.

Catholic Charities: Education Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Children
Certified teachers work with children from birth through 21 years old.  Services include assistance in low vision training, Braille instruction, instruction in use of adaptive equipment, activities of daily living, and consultation to schools and families about the implications of visual impairment

Child Development Services:
Machias 255-4892
Calais 454-7962
Screenings and evaluations; Services for preschool children with special needs

Lean On Me: 598-8066
Support group for parents with special needs children of all ages and diagnosis, focusing on advocating for your child.
Milbridge | Call or Email to:

Independent Support Services (through Catholic Charities Maine): 1-888-477-2263 / 454-0492
For seniors and adults with physical disabilities, especially those on a limited income– Homemaking Services include light housekeeping, grocery shopping, essential errands (such as banking and pharmacy), laundry, menu planning, and food preparation.  Call for more information

Living Innovations: 255-3733
Case Management services for adults or children with disabilities; In-home support for adults or children; In-home support for seniors

Katie Beckett Program for Disabled Children: 1-800-965-7476
Insurance program for disabled children that do not qualify for MaineCare (can add on to private insurance or use as stand alone insurance)

KIDS LEGAL at Pine Tree Legal Assistance: 774-8246
KIDS LEGAL is Maine’s first and only children’s law project. We provide state-wide free legal services to low-income families and children and consultations and trainings to professionals.

Maine Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired255-1926 / 561-4000
The Learning Disabilities Association of Maine is dedicated to assisting individuals with specific learning disabilities through support, education, and advocacy.  28 Prescott Drive, Machias

Maine Parent Federation: 1-800-870-7746
Help for parents of children with disabilities.  Links to services and resources including a team of providers called Family Support Navigators who can help organize paperwork, help find needed services, accompany families when meeting with doctors, school providers, other service providers.

MAS Home Care of Maine: 561-9533
Support for parents of children with autism or special needs

Partners in Care Coordination (PCC): 287-5349
Providing help and resources for families with children with special needs or ongoing medical procedures.  PCC also works with agencies and providers in Maine who work with families to help them connect with resources.

Paul O’Neil Foundation676-1287
Help with paying for travel, lodging, food and gas for caregivers while their child is in the hospital. Email:

Pathways of Maine (formerly called Providence): 888-480-9550
Offering a range of services for children with behavioral health disorders, developmental disabilities, or autism. Services include targeted case management, home-based therapy, an Intensive home-based therapy program, and community-based behavioral health treatment for children and their families.

Public Health Nursing: 1-877-763-0438
Nurse Home Visiting – Nurses can provide support to parents in their home if they have an infant with a medical condition or who has been exposed to substances prenatally. (Free program, visits can be once a week to once a month)

Robbie Foundation: Online contact only
The Foundation’s mission is to fund adaptive equipment, assistive technology, therapy treatment and/or any necessary item not covered by insurance.  By providing such services, their hope is to improve the quality of life for Maine’s children with special needs.
All applications must be submitted online at their website. Applications are approved on a quarterly basis.  Deadlines are January 5th, April 5th, July 5th, and October 5th.
Email questions to:

SSI Benefits for Premature Infants: 1-800-772-1213
Special disability benefits for premature babies or babies born with low birth-weight babies called “presumptive disability” on SSI website

Sunrise Opportunities: 1-800-255-3124
Home care, day programs, shared living for adults with mental illness and intellectual disabilities

Washington County Children’s Program (WCCP): 255-3426
Support services for children with pervasive developmental disorder/autism, or intellectual developmental disabilities.  WCCP also offers a more intensive home-based, short-term treatment program for children diagnosed with significant emotional disorders and their families or caregivers.  WCCP also has an extensive resource lending library with books and DVDs on autism, parenting,  gentle and effective discipline, professional development, and books for children.

Wings: 255-0551
Case Management services for children with cognitive or behavioral challenges, a mental health diagnosis, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, Autism or Asperger’s Disorder.
Wings also has case managers who specialize in serving youth with complex medical needs.

Maine Providers (outside of Wash. County):

Autism Society of Maine: 1-800-273-5200
ASM has Information Specialists who provide resource information to parents, guardians, and schools to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The specialists will work one on one to assist families, guardians and Individuals on the Autism Spectrum as they navigate child or adult services. The ASM website also has lots of links and resource materials for families.

C.A.R.E.S. Inc.377-7055 / 1-800-773-7055
Advocacy, case management and assistive technology for Maine’s citizens with disabilities. For more information email:

Disability Rights Center of Maine: 1-800-452-1948

G.E.A.R. Parent Network626-3448 / 1-800-264-9224
A program of crisis and counseling centers for parents of children with behavioral needs.  Through parent-to-parent sharing of experiences and knowledge, G.E.A.R. Parent Network empowers parents of children with behavioral health needs to build on their family’s strengths and to advocate for their family’s needs.

Hear ME Now: 781-7199
Hear ME now is a Listening and Spoken Language Specialty program serving parents, educators, medical professionals, hearing professionals, children and adults with hearing loss.

Healthy Children’s Project:
This project was started by the Learninig Disabilities Association of Maine to address the links between toxic chemicals in the environment and learning disabilities. The project is designed to:  Assist Maine families in learning more about toxic chemicals and what they can do to protect their families; Understand the possible causes of learning and developmental disabilities; Help protect the health of all Maine families.  For more information email:

Learning Disabilities Association of Maine:
Comprehensive services for visually impaired and blind individuals of all ages including: Assistance and education services for children; Independent living services for adults; Financial services.  For more information email:

Maine Down Syndrome Network: 1-866-571-2223
Non-profit organization providing support, education, and advocacy to our members and our communities

Maine Fragile X Resource Group: 657-2395 or Email to:
Provides educational and emotional support for those affected by Fragile X, promotes public and professional awareness, and supports research toward improved treatments and a cure for Fragile X Syndrome.

United Cerebral Palsy of Northeastern Maine: 941-2885
Non-profit organization providing support, education, and advocacy to our members and our communities

More Resources & Links:

Autism Resource for Caregivers (from Sesame Street)
Resources for families using stories, cards, activities and Sesame Street characters.  This site helps families find ways to overcome common challenges and simply everyday activities.  Aimed for families with children ages 2 to 5.

The Autism Response Team: 1-888-288-4762 or en Español 1-888-772-9050 or email
Ask questions, find resources and tools, get guidance for what steps to take when you first receive a diagnosis for your child, find legal information regarding your child’s rights, get connected to local services, get help planning for your child’s future and transitioning to adulthood. The response team is sponsored by Autism Speaks, a website dedicated to resources and support for parents.

Cerebral Palsy Group: Cerebral Palsy information, resources, and support.